The Georgia Arts Network is the voice for the arts in Georgia, and we can help you become the voice for the arts in your community. We empower you to tell your stories by providing a support network where news, information, and best practices are openly exchanged and practiced.

Our strategy is to position arts and culture as essential to individual and public well-being and the economic development of Georgia as we advocate for the arts on the state, local, and grassroots levels.

March 26, 2015: Call to Action
Contact key legislators and ask them to keep the Senate’s $300,000 increase for Arts Funding in Georgia! Our state is dead last in public support for the arts. Let’s change that today!

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Arts Day collage 2015


March 17, 2015: Annual Meeting
Registration is OPEN for 2015 Georgia Arts Network Annual Meeting! Sign up to attend Innovation & Collaboration: Moving the Arts Forward on April 20th in Augusta!



October 29, 2014: Breaking News
The Georgia Arts Network has new membership categories and benefits! Join today for as little as $5 to show that YOU support the arts!

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