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Elizabeth H. Weaver has worked in arts administration for 25 years in Cobb County. She believes in team work, thinking outside of the box and most of all the importance of the arts in our lives. Through her experience as an arts administrator for Cobb County Government, she has assisted in the design, implementation and programming of three full programming arts centers, a 600 seat proscenium theatre, renovation of a historic house and it’s property, the creation of numerous arts alliances and the design and development of a 2,400 seat amphitheatre.

Areas of Specialty
• Arts Council Development
• Community Development/ Involvement
• Facility Planning and Policies
• Organizational and Staff Development
• Organizational Planning
• Program Development
• Rural Arts Development
• Public Speaking

Consulting Methodology

My first approach is to gather information and listen. That is often followed by one word questions such as; why? how? when? My techniques in problem solving include acting as a mediator (listening to all sides and finding a win/win), listening and empathizing followed by seeking clues and finding a workable solution, all the while trying to approach any situation with high organizational skills, fun and creativity.

Client List (past 3 years)
• Cobb County Cultural Affairs
• Earl Smith Strand Theatre
• South Cobb Arts Alliance
• Columbia County Parks and Recreation
• Murray Arts Center

Major Projects (past 3 years)
Cobb County Government
Artistic Director/Director of the 175th Birthday Celebration

Grand Re-Opening of the Earl Smith Strand Theatre, Marietta, GA
Operations, Program Planning, Event Presentation

Cobb County Cultural Affairs Department
5 Year Long Range Plan including mission statement, facility development, marketing, fundraising, and participation

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