Consultants Bank

The Georgia Arts Network Consultants Bank
The Georgia Arts Network Consultants Bank is a team of arts management professionals dedicated to building a strong arts community for Georgia.  They are available to come to your organization at special rates negotiated by the Arts Network.  They also offer workshops at special rates.

Consultation Fees:
$575.00/day per advisor – GA Arts Network Member
$675.00/ first day per advisor – Non-Member*
*A $100 membership fee will be added to the normal consultation fee. The second day of a two day consultancy will be at the member rate. These fees include prior evaluation and assessment work as required, the consultation, the final report, and follow up contact. Travel expenses (mileage, meals, and lodging at the current rate as set by the Statewide Travel Regulations of Georgia) will be charged to the client for travel if the client is outside a 30-mile radius of the Advisor’s home. Other expenses including but not limited to long distance phone calls, copy expense, postage, etc. are also to be agreed upon between the advisor and the client.

Advisor Areas of Expertise

  • Accessibility
  • Arts Council Development
  • Board Development
  • Community Involvement/Organizing
  • Diversity Building
  • Facility Planning and Policies
  • Financial Management
  • Fundraising
  • Grant Writing
  • Marketing/PR
  • Organizational and Staff Development
  • Organizational Planning
  • Program Development
  • Rural Arts Development
  • Strategic Planning

Mechanics of the Consultancy

  1. Inquiry by the client to the Georgia Arts Network Consultants Bank Program director to determine parameters of the consultancy and to recommend and select a consultant.
  2. Client organization is sent a contract outlining the consultancy timeline, fee, mileage, lodging, per diem, etc.
  3. Client organization returns signed contract with basic consultant’s fee. Other fees (mileage, lodging, per diem) will be handled on a reimbursement basis.
  4. The consultant fee is held until the final report and client satisfaction survey are returned to the Georgia Arts Network.
  5. The consultant will submit a final invoice to the Georgia Arts Network with the final report which will include mileage, lodging, per diem, any additional fees. Organization will be invoiced for expenses above the consultant fee.

Wayne Jones, Vice President of Programming
Contact Wayne

2010-2013 CAN Consultants

(click on each name for biographical information)

Erin Bailey
Independent Consultant
Stone Mountain, GA
Elizabeth Labbe-Webb
Blue Path Group
Decatur, GA
Laura M. DiSano
LMD & Assoc
Aiken, SC
Candace Long
Creativity Training Institute
Roswell, GA
Janina Edwards
JustWrite! Communications & Proposals
Decatur, GA
Kathleen Thompson
Independent Consultant
Blue Ridge, GA
Phyllis Free
Independent Consultant
Swainsboro, GA
Elizabeth H. Weaver
Independent Consultant
Marietta, GA
Kathy Hoskins
Bright Ideas Group
Macon, GA



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