Georgia Arts Day Info & FAQs

Details, Logistics, and FAQs for Georgia Arts Day 2016

January 26, 2016

(Download a pdf of this information here.)


9:00 am       Arrive at the Capitol and check out the Georgia Arts Network Table
Location: South Rotunda

9:30 am       Formal Check presentation with Governor Nathan Deal and Legislators
Unveiling of the 2015 Georgia Travel Guide
Location: South Rotunda Steps

9:30 am – 10am     Arts Day Check-In at Central Presbyterian Church
Location: Church is located across from the Capitol building

10:15 am      Georgia Arts Day Program/Training Begins

11:30 am     Luncheon, Speakers, and Keynote address

1:00 pm        Legislative Office visits begin


Event Summary

Registration begins at 9:30am at the Church for those who do not wish to attend the check presentation ceremony. The check presentation ceremony is a separate event in a location across the street. It begins at 9:30am, but it will take a few minutes to get through security, so allow for that time. After arriving, you are encouraged to network and visit the tables with information on arts and tourism groups. Following the check ceremony, you will only have a few minutes before the start of the Arts Day Programming. Make your way across the street to the Central Presbyterian Church – enter through the courtyard.

After the luncheon programming, we will all be dismissed to head to our legislators offices for appointments. You are encouraged to visit your legislator’s offices even if you do not have a scheduled appointment to drop off materials and introduce yourself to their staff.



Some local parking options can be found, or you can take the Blue or Green MARTA lines to the Georgia State Station. You can enter the Capital building from any visitor entrance, go through the metal detector security (you will need a photo ID), and make your way to the South Rotunda to check in.

Please see the Capitol Hill Area Map (provided by the Georgia Building Authority) for parking and directional information. In addition to the public parking sites marked with a blue “P” on the map, you can park in the Underground Atlanta parking deck, which is on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., one and a half blocks west from the capitol building. Parking options are $8-$10 for daily parking, depending on the lot.

The Arts Day Luncheon programming will located inside Central Presbyterian Church at

201 Washington St. SW, Atlanta, GA 30303


FAQ about Meeting with your legislators:

  • Who to meet with: As a representative of an arts organization (as a staff, volunteer, or Board member), it is tempting to schedule a meeting with the legislator who represents the district where your organization is located. However, legislators respond best when you live within their district, because you are their constituent and a voter.However, if you are attending Arts Day on company time and are expected to represent your organization, it is best to schedule a meeting with the organization’s district representatives.

    Ideally, you could meet with the elected officials who represent both your professional and home districts, but time is a factor.

    Important Caveat: IF you live/work in a district of someone who is on the Economic Development subcomittee in the House or Senate, please make that legislator a priority.

  • How to schedule a meeting: Find your state officials via our Action Center. Call their office to schedule a meeting. Do not be afraid to follow up via phone and/or email if you do not receive a prompt response. When leaving a message, clearly state your full name and emphasize the fact that you are a constituent (if that is the case), along with the organization with which you are affiliated.If the Senator or Representative is not able to meet with you themselves, but one of their staff offers to meet with you, that is still a good outcome. Legislative staffers and assistants are a critical piece of the decision-making process for busy legislators.

    If you are scheduling more than one meeting with legislators, please be sure to inform the scheduler about the timing of your other appointments. Do not schedule yourself with appointments that are too close together, as legislators are not always known for being punctual, and your appointments may begin late and/or run a bit long.

  • What to Bring/Do at the meeting: The Georgia Arts Network will provide everyone with a one-page flyer to leave behind with any offices you visit. The page will have a space for you to write in your own contact information as well.In addition, please bring along information about arts organizations in your legislator’s district. Information brochures and info on your upcoming events is always welcome. It’s best if all your materials can be placed in a folder to be left with the official’s legislative staffers. If there are multiple people at your meeting, it is best to consolidate your materials into one Arts folder.

    When speaking with your elected officials, refer to them as Senator or Representative [LAST NAME], and always be respectful, regardless of what their views are about arts funding. (You catch more bees with honey, after all!!)

    Try to keep the conversation focused on the ARTS. Have only one or two important points you want to make and be sure to speak out and say them!

  • Where to go for the meeting:
    Find your Senator and Representative, click on their name, and you will be taken to their official legislative webpage which includes their office location and contact info. Unless you have arranged otherwise, you will meet with your legislator in their office within the state capitol complex. You can use the Capitol Hill Area Map to find the building location.